Student Organizations

Student Council 2014-2015

Student Council 2014-2015

(Front L-R): Jennifer Duskey, Kelsey Clark, Bree Barnes, and Kelsey O’Brien
(2nd L-R): Kassie McCulty, Christopher McAvena, Tyler McKinney, Michael Dillon, and Jacqueline Pawloski
(3rd L-R): Kayla Theiss, Abbigayle Earley, Netanya Wagenheim, Laura Sarringhausen, and McKienze Clark
(Back Row): Amber Underwood, Madison Cooper, Sierra Barker, Josie Schau, and Brittney Malone
(Not Pictured): Megan Cline and Chelsey Streight
Advisor: Mrs. Stacy Elliott (not pictured)

NTHS 2014-2015

National Technical Honor Society (NTHS)

Front: Josie Ruth, Kimberly Daugherty, Kyle Gregory, Emily Steele, and Amber Bable
Middle Row: Machelle Blankenship, Brianna Cline, Tia Carpenter, Megan Kralovic, Alyssa Huntsman, Jessica Isner, Victoria VanDyke, Brianne Giffin, Megan Stehly, Kathryn Hecknauer, Elayna Jacobs, Lyndsay Owens, and Arianna Lannigan
Back Row: John Stephens, Jacob Ollom, Jeremy Dotson, Derrick Chesser, Ryan Stackpole, Andrew O’Callaghan, Kenneth White, Joshua Craig, Jeffrey Thieman, Jonathan Anderson, Michael Dillon, Brett Seese, and Jenna Matheny

Not Pictured: Abigail Grayson, Kaitlyn Hager, Chayse Hostottle, Ethan Lent, Matthew Lopreste, Jacob Merckle, Alex Perry, and Laura Sarringhausen
Advisor: Mr. Evan Schaad (not pictured)

Student Ambassadors 2014-2015

Student Ambassadors

(Front Row L-R): Danielle Sampson, Kelsey Clark, Katelyn Hughes, Rachel Grogg, Emerald Kendall, and Erin Roush
(Middle-Center): Mekya McQueary
(Back Row L-R): Tanner Huck, Brent Ginther, Jared Duskey, Jarod Kiggins, Tyler McKinney, Alex Perry, and Mitch Ginther
Advisor: Mrs. Penny Jenkins (not pictured)

BPA 2014-2015


PHOTO:  Career Center BPA Chapter Officers 2014-2015
(L-R): Keenan Long, Kelsey Clark, Benjamin Adams, Hillary Handschumaker, Matthew Lopreste, and Brittney Malone
Advisors: Mrs. Lynette Snyder and Mr. Chris Palmer (not pictured)

SkillsUSA 2014-2015

Skills USA

PHOTO:  Career Center SkillsUSA Officers 2014-2015
(L-R): Alex Gainer, Emerald Kendall, Chelsey Streight, and Brayden McCauley
Advisor: Mr. Ken Gebhart (not pictured)

FFA 2014-2015


PHOTO:  Career Center FFA Chapter Officers 2014-2015
(Front Row L-R): Brianna Cline, Kayla Theiss, Kyleigh Butler, and Savannah Whitten
(Back Row L-R): Jonathan Anderson, Colt Somerville, Tyler McKinney, and Jacob Beverly
Advisor: Mr. Jason Lipot (not pictured)

Interact Club 2014-2015

Interact Club

President Chelsey Streight, Vice President David Schaad, Secretary/Treasurer Josie Schau, Recycling Coordinator Brianne Giffin. Members are: Sierra Barker, Bree Barnes, Courtney Boice, Michael Castle-Foster, Harley Cisler, Kelsey Clark, Megan Cline, Chelsea Cordell, Jennifer Duskey, Abbigayle Earley, Brent Ginther, Mitchell Ginther, Justin Grim, Emily Hartman, Paul “Garrett” Hellein, Madison Hellein, Catherine Kunze, Brittani Mabeus, Brittney Malone, Alina Mays, Kassie McCulty, Sara Metheney, Michala Negri, Kelsey O’Brien, Malynda Riggs, Brady Robinson, Cari Robinson, Laura Sarringhausen, Destiny Schob, Saree Staats, Amber Underwood, Kayla Vincent, Netanya Wagenheim, Savannah Whitten, Hannah Willis
Advisor: Mr. Michael Elliott (not pictured)